Grandfather Andreas Steiner

The first real estate agent in our family was Andreas Steiner (photo: right), who as early as 1884 bought hotels and inns in the Bavarian, Franconian and Swiss regions around Lake Constance at auctions and re-sold them. These included, for example, the Hotel Mohren am Mohrenplatz in Oberstdorf (below left; photo taken 1909) and the Posthotel in Partenkirchen (below right; photo taken 1910).

Grandfather Steiner died in 1913. He was the first entrepreneur in our family to trade in immovable property.

Our firm, Steiner Immobilien GmbH Verkauf und Vermietung, is thus characterised by a long tradition, which is also reflected in our discrete and customised Bavarian offices at Weitfelderstraße 13 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

This family business is now run by the third generation.

Hotel Mohren at Mohrenplatz in Oberstdorf (1909)
Posthotel in Partenkirchen (1910)